Substance Abuse

san francisco substance abuse

Just like any other large metropolitan area in America, substance abuse in San Francisco is a concern for the government and city residents alike. Though recent studies show declining indicators in usage levels among certain illegal substances such as cocaine, the use of other hard drugs such as methamphetamine is on the rise.

These studies were based on the quantities of illegal substances confiscated and analyzed by the National Forensic Laboratory Information System and the number of major drug treatment admissions in the city.

If you or someone you know is struggling with substance use disorder, we can help you get assistance. Speak to an addiction specialist today at (866) 270-9677 for substance abuse help in San Francisco.

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How do I know that I have an addiction?

The first step toward drug addiction recovery is admitting that you have a problem. However, you can’t admit to having a substance use disorder if you don’t even know whether you have a problem. There are general criteria you can use to determine whether you are struggling with drug addiction. The following are just some of the indications of a dependency:

• You are taking a higher amount of the substance and for longer than you intend.
• You want to stop or cut down your use, but can’t.
• You spend a lot of time acquiring, using and recovering from the substance.
• You have constant urges or cravings for the substance.
• You can’t properly perform your responsibilities at school, home or work.
• The use of the substance continues to hurt your relationships, but you don’t stop.
• You have withdrawal symptoms.
• You continue to use the drug even when it puts your life in danger.
• You have given up important work, recreation or family-related activities because of substance abuse.

If you are showing some or all of the characteristics described above, it could be a sign of substance use disorder. It can happen to people from all walks of life no matter their age, income or social status. Don’t shy away from getting help. You are not alone. What matters is that you are willing to get help and turn your life around.

Choosing the right addiction treatment program in San Francisco

There are numerous centers for addiction treatment in San Francisco, all offering various substance addiction treatment programs. Choosing the right facility for drug or alcohol abuse treatment is imperative to long-term recovery and avoiding relapse. The following are a few factors to consider when you’re looking for the right treatment program for yourself or a loved one.

A rehabilitation facility should be equipped to handle clinical assessments and all addiction rehabilitation processes. These processes involve drug detoxification programs meant to flush toxins out of the body. If a person has been using for a long time, withdrawal effects can be managed with certain medications and therapies.

In inpatient addiction treatment facilities, patients reside in a facility for the entire treatment period. The goal is to allow the patient to solely focus on recovery without the distractions of daily life. Inpatient drug abuse treatment can be a highly effective way of helping individuals successfully quit substance abuse and attain full recovery. Inpatient substance abuse treatment facilities offer a comfortable, safe recovery environment for the patient. People who prefer to live in their homes when they are not in a therapy session can opt for outpatient programs.

Available drug rehab programs in San Francisco

Group support organizations like 12-step programs help people recovering from drug addiction to stay clean by offering them an opportunity to meet other people who are looking to stay drug-free too. These programs assist people in maintaining long-term sobriety, and they provide the necessary support to keep people from relapsing. A 12-step program can help individuals in both alcohol addiction recovery and drug addiction recovery.

Change is challenging for anyone. A person recovering from a substance use disorder will experience many changes during and after the treatment programs. If you are seeking treatment, you should choose a facility that has clear guidelines on how a recovering individual should approach the prevention of a relapse. A successful aftercare plan can help you stay sober for good.

In some instances, family members don’t want anything to do with an individual who is struggling with drug addiction. In other cases, the family wants to be involved with every step of the treatment program. Whatever the case, a good rehabilitation program should be geared toward family involvement. Family support helps build a strong foundation toward recovery.

It’s important to familiarize yourself with different types of treatment programs as well as their pros and cons before you choose a rehab facility. Depending on the nature of your substance use disorder, you may want to seek out a drug detox program. These programs are key to helping you get clean and stay clean. There are many drug detox facilities in the region, so if you are looking for information about drug detox in San Francisco, you can talk to us to get more information.

Conduct in-depth personal research of the rehab facilities in the city before you settle for one of them. If you need any help with your search for a substance abuse treatment center in San Francisco, speak to one of our addiction specialists today at (866) 270-9677, and we will be happy to guide you through the process.